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Handwritten - an animation

A short film by Jenny Lewis.

A breathtaking animation that celebrates the power, beauty and rhythms of the handwritten word.

To see more of Jenny Lewis's animations please go to vimeo.com/lewisanimates

When did the page become so forgetful
Of the sinuous glisten of a quill's caress?
Ink-dark strokes, that spin like windmills playful
A hand compliant, led by pen to excess
Choreographs a mad ballet; words which dance
To secret rhythms, as angels, demons, clowns;
Bear sorrows, challenge, and entertain -romance,
Whirl joyfully and pirouette in pretty gowns.
For to those words the hand gave substance;
Now… in that soulless tapping, the heart drowns.
Graphic leaps on screen and democracy:
Equal rows of letters dead, none askance.
The hand that never gave them life, disowns
Them in their breathless inadequacy.